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Showers for IUPUI Bicyclists

Lockefield Village
980 Indiana Avenue

7:30-5:00 Monday-Friday

No Towel Service

Bike Rack at Edge of Parking Lot in Front of Building

Men: 4th floor men's restroom; to left as you get off of elevator

Women: 3rd floor women's restroom; to left as you get off of elevator

Lactation Support

IUPUI offers dedicated spaces in several IUPUI buildings as well as IU Health locations. Call 317-274-8932 for details on rooms or if you'd like assistance setting up a lactation support room in your building.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) are designed to address the growing interest in working in more flexible ways, supporting IUPUI sustainability initiatives, and enhancing recruitment and retention.

This section is very comprehensive, but no individual situation would ever require using all the sections. It is designed to increase the chances of success by offering tools for users with a variety of different situations, approaches and comfort levels. The idea is to provide a wealth of well-researched information to choose from and to provide much of that information in a timesaving checklist format.

Some may take a formal approach and have every employee who requests an FWA review and sign the Overview and Guidelines section as well as completing the proposal form for the specific type of FWA requested. Others might pull out the pieces they feel are applicable for them and that satisfy any concerns they may have and do a much shorter version.

The only required piece is the "Work-at-Home Health and Safety Checklist," which telecommuters who are scheduled to work at home more than once a month, must read and sign prior to the start of telecommuting and departments need to keep. Departments may choose to require use of either the short or long version.

Flexible Work Arrangements Suggested Approach

Flexible Work Guidelines

Benefits and Challenges of Flexible Work Arrangements

Starting a Flexible Work Arrangement

Benefits and Challenges of FWA's

Frequently Asked Questions

Suggested Forms

Frequently Used Tools